Участники Сводного Электронного Каталога



81. Tashkent branch of Russian state university of oil and gas (NRI) named after I. M. Gubkin (ABH)

82. Tashkent professional college of information technologies (ABJ)

83. Tashkent college of geodesy and cartography (ABK)

84. Tashkent professional school No 2 for persons with disabilities (ABM)

85. Nukus State pedagogical Institute named Ajiniyaz (OAB)

86. International house Tashkent academic lyceum under the Tashkent institute of irrigation and agricultural mechanization engineers (ABN)

87. Republican specialized music school named after V. Uspenskiy (ABO)

88. Academic iyceum № 3 under the Tashkent state technical university (ABP)

89. Tashkent Institute of textile and light industry (ADB)

90. Information resource сenter of Tashkent state pedagogical university named after Nizami (ADD)

91. Yakkasaray region professional school (ADE)

92. Republican vareity and circus college named after Karim Zaripov (ADF)

93. Tashkent state higher school of national dance and choreography (ADA)

94. Tashkent college of choreography (ADG)

95. Academic lyceum under Tashkent institute of textile and light industry (ADH)

96. Academic lyceum № 2 under the Uzbek state university of world languages (ADI)

97. Academic lyceum № 3 under the Uzbek state university of world languages (ADJ)

98. Tashkent state university of uzbek language and literature named after Alisher Navoi (ADK)

99. Information library center of Yakkasaray region (ADL)

100. Uzbekistan state university of world languages (AEA)