Rules for UEC participants:

1. According to the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the activities of information and library at the base of the Charter of the state Union electronic catalog, members of UEC can become centers of information libraries and information-resource centers of the Republic;

2. They can conduct joint activities with information and library institutions of foreign countries;

3. The interaction of the RCUEC with information and library institutions is based on an agreement on membership or bilateral agreements for the provision of services;

4. On the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan ILC, IRC bibliographic records for libraries should be based on O'zDst 2803 2013 and O'zDst 1215 2009;

5. Sending bibliographic records as an ISO file to the center, once a month, by all members;

6. Compliance with corporate cataloging technologies by project members;

7. To use the online program of RCUEC, you need the permission of the main administrator of the CENTER;

8. Contact us to discuss membership: Tashkent city 100017,  1 Navoi Avenue, Phone: 8(3712328394)