1. How to search?

    Normal search - default includes all types of search parameters. Advanced search - you can ispozovat complex, filter different species. Podbrobno the use of types of searches you can see in the "Help"

  2. What are the rules for participants UEC?

    Republican Centre SEC developed certain rules for participants, which appropriately - participants receive a certain type of access. These rules you can download on the page "Become a member"

  3. How to register with the UEC?

    There are two types of registration: - remotely - On the spot. Registration in the remote access can go through the "Register" authorization "Home UEC." Registration occurs locally as usual. Standard procedure is known to all

  4. What is a Shopping Cart?

    Cart is created in order to enable you to sort the records found publications for further work with them.

  5. Can I order books through the system and how?

    Can I order books through the system and how?